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Few experiences are more difficult than realizing that elderly parents or loved ones are no longer capable of caring for themselves. Adult children may go through grief at a parent's decline, frustration at being unable to reason with them, and most of all, worry about their parent's safety and well-being.

In Ohio, a guardianship over a person and/or that person's estate (finances) is often the best solution when someone is not competent to care for him- or herself. A person who has a guardian is called a ward. While most wards are elderly people who have lost the ability to care for themselves, a child, or an adult with a physical or mental disability, may also need a guardian.

Understanding Guardianship in Ohio

Because guardianship involves removing certain rights and decision-making powers from a ward, and giving them to a guardian, the process involves significant court involvement and oversight. Guardianships are under the jurisdiction of the probate court for the county in which the ward resides.Typically, an interested party, such as a relative, files the application for guardianship.

The application process is followed by an investigation, including an interview with the prospective ward, and by a formal hearing. The hearing is to determine whether the guardianship is necessary and whether the proposed guardian is suitable, and to ensure the guardian fully understands his or her responsibilities.

At the Law Offices of Katzman Logan Halper and Bennett, LPA, we are committed to helping you and your family through this difficult process, including offering assistance with:

  • Applications for guardianship
  • Investigations and hearings
  • Establishment of accounts for payment of the ward's expenses
  • Preparation and filing of regular accountings of income and expenses of the ward's estate
  • Preparation and filing of regular reports (usually annual) regarding the status of the guardianship
  • Obtaining necessary prior court approval of certain contracts and actions
  • Guardianship reviews and hearings

We know the guardianship process offers many concerns and challenges. Our goal is to help you comply with the legal requirements of the guardianship so you can focus on your loved one's well-being.

Experienced Legal Support for Cincinnati Guardianships

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Katzman Logan Halper and Bennett, LPA have decades of experience with legal guardianships in the Cincinnati area. We invite you to contact us so that we can answer your questions about Ohio guardianships and assist you in preserving your loved one's safety, health, and dignity.