Practice Areas

Accident and Personal Injury Claims

An accident or injury can have a sudden, devastating and long-lasting effect on your life and that of your family. Particularly if your injury has caused you to be unable to work, you could be facing a decrease in income at the same time medical bill… Read More

Business Law

We are highly experienced in legal matters that small and medium sized businesses face on a regular basis, from business acquisitions or the initial formation of partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies to the final sale of the bus… Read More

Criminal and Traffic Offenses

We represent individuals facing felony and misdemeanor charges in both state and federal courts. We also represent individuals charged with serious traffic offenses such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI). For specific information about your case c… Read More

Divorce and Dissolution

We handle all aspects of domestic relations matters including child custody, shared parenting plans, visitation, child and spousal support, and the division of personal property. In addition, we represent clients contemplating marriage, desiring a pr… Read More

Child Support & Parenting Time

“Visitation” is no longer an acceptable term since it applies that one is “visiting” with a child. The Courts prefer to use the term “parenting” at this time. Parenting time can be restricted or supervised in some extreme cases. Generally… Read More

Property Division

In the break-up of a marriage Property Division is always an issue which should be considered. Property division is usually accomplished after considering the “fair market value” of the property less debts owed. Marital property which may be divi… Read More


If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence, Driving while intoxicated or drunken driving, call our office and ask to speak with Steve Halper. He will discuss your case and advise what your options are. Read More

Employment Law

We represent employers and individual employees in all types of workplace matters, including drafting Employee Handbooks and company policies, handling sexual harassment claims, unfair labor practices, discrimination cases, drug testing and OSHA conc… Read More

Estate Planning and Wills

You’ve worked hard your whole life to provide for your family. It’s difficult to think about a time when you won’t be able to provide for and protect them. Taking the time to prepare an estate plan is one of the most loving gifts yo… Read More

General Civil Law Suits

Our expertise covers all aspects of civil litigation (lawsuits). We represent clients suing others as well as defending clients who are being sued. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an attorney regarding General Civil Law Suits, ple… Read More


Few experiences are more difficult than realizing that elderly parents or loved ones are no longer capable of caring for themselves. Adult children may go through grief at a parent’s decline, frustration at being unable to reason with them, and… Read More

Medical Malpractice

Our attorneys represent patients in medical malpractice cases against health care providers, including physicians, nurses, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and managed care groups. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an attorney… Read More

Probate Administration

The loss of a loved one is never easy. A time of grieving is often complicated by the challenges of transferring the deceased’s assets to beneficiaries and settling the estate. If your loved one had an estate plan in place, the process is somew… Read More

Real Estate

The firm represents individuals and commercial buyers and sellers during the negotiation, sale or purchase of residential and business properties. We also represent institutional lenders and developers and performing residential and commercial closin… Read More

Wrongful Death Claims

We represent families that have lost a loved one as the result of the wrongful conduct of another. A person injured by a wrongful act (or “tort”) of another may be able to bring an action to recover damages. If the person dies, these clai… Read More