Divorce Lawyer Services in Cincinnati, OH

We handle all aspects of domestic relations matters including child custody, shared parenting plans, visitation, child and spousal support, and the division of personal property. In addition, we represent clients contemplating marriage, desiring a prenuptial agreement, or those with post-decree problems with their ex-spouse.

If you have been sued for divorce, just beginning to discuss issues with your spouse, or are contemplating divorce and want to learn what the law is, what issues need to be considered and how you may protect your rights, call Philip Logan to schedule an office consultation at a reduced consultation fee.

Child Support & Parenting Time

“Visitation” is no longer an acceptable term since it applies that one is “visiting” with a child. The Courts prefer to use the term “parenting” at this time. Parenting time can be restricted or supervised in some extreme cases. Generally… Read More

Property Division

In the break-up of a marriage Property Division is always an issue which should be considered. Property division is usually accomplished after considering the “fair market value” of the property less debts owed. Marital property which may be divi… Read More