I am afraid this whole procedure will get really complicated and I will lose everything.

Many times, much of the anxieties surrounding divorce is related to a very human fear of the unknown. Will I lose the kids? Will I get taken for a financial ride? Will I be able to afford to live after this over? Will I ever see my children again?

These are major issues, big enough to unsettle anyone. Generally, the law tries to protect both parties’ rights, the husband and the wife. Both parties are entitled to a fair and equitable property settlement, sufficient child support and alimony based upon need and ability to earn a living. Tap your lawyer’s experience to find out what is typically considered fair in situations similar to yours and then decide with your lawyer what would be a good settlement for you. By investing this time with your attorney at the beginning of your case, most of the “surprises” that complicate a divorce may be avoided.